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At the shipyard a workforce of skilled welders, plate workers, mechanics and
painters are daily efficiently performing quality work to vessels of customers.
Maintenance, cleaning, corrosion protection and repairs are being carried out on:

  • shrimp trawlers
  • ferryboats
  • oil tankers
  • tug and push boats
  • barges
  • navy, pilot & passenger vessels
  • ocean freighters



One floating drydock of
50.00 × 22.00 × 1.60 meters
with breadth of 18.00 meters between the wing walls
and a lifting capacity of 1100 tons

One floating drydock of
30.00 × 13.40 × 1.22 meters
with breadth of 10.05 meters between the wing walls
and a lifting capacity of 150 tons

One slipway with a capacity of 100 tons and one for
newbuildings and repairs up to 600 tons for vessels
with a length of 70.00 meters

A machine shop for repairing and machining shafts,
bearings and different parts

A propeller shop for repairing propellers

Propeller shop

Repair of several kinds of propellers such as manganese bronze, bronial (bronze-nickel-aluminum), aluminum and stainless steel

Repair of Kaplan and standard propellers with diameter up to 2500 mm

Calculation of pitch and diameter of propellers

Correction of the pitch of propellers

Repair of small outboard propellers with diameter up to 300 mm



Visual inspection of the propeller

Measuring pitch and diameter on the measuring tool

Aligning blades

Welding missing parts of the blades

Building up blades

Grinding and polishing

Static balancing


One stationary crane for slipway capacity 3 tons

One mobile crane capacity 25 tons